All the edit suites in Tangerine are set up to view picture at its optimum colour balance with two of our suites set up to grade at high level, in 32bit colour space with 2K Grade One monitoring and grading tangent panel.

With over 14 years of experience in the area of colour correction and grading, the colourist works to the fine details.

DeVinci Resolve 8 bit/10 bit 4k primary and secondary grading.
Final Cut Studio 'Color' 8 bit/10 bit 4k primary and secondary grading.
Avid Nitris with DNxcel board for full HD 10 bit grading.
Editing, racking and rotations possible during the grading session.
Re-conforms for editorial changes are simple and can be done while work continues on the grade.
Visual effects creation in parallel with the grading/ finishing session.
Grade 1 HD monitoring.
Fully integrated colour grading control surface.
Advanced waveform and vectroscope monitoring.
Grading in Native format to maintain highest possible quality.
Avid Marquee, Boris, Media Composer, AfterEffects and Final Cut Studio titling.